Smokin’ Pot in Battambang

Smokin' Pot Cooking School - Battambang, Cambodia

The morning of Monday, February 15th, was spent riding the public bus for 6 hours to Battambang. The air-con was on full blast so it was freezing and there was a tv blaring loud hilarious music videos of teenage Cambodian boys singing American rap songs in Khmer. But thanks to my anti-nausea medication I was able to sleep through most of it.

At 3pm we went to the Smokin’ Pot Thai-Cambodian Cooking School. We were going to make 3 dishes: Vegetable Amok Curry, Lok Lok Veggies, and a Spicy Cabbage Salad. Mom and I made ours vegetarian but the other people in our group made the first dish with fish and the second with beef.

First we went to market and bought all the ingredients.

Market - Battambang, Cambodia

Market - Battambang, Cambodia

Then we walked to the Smokin’ Pot restaurant to cook. It was incredibly fun. We ate each dish as they were finished and by the end I was so full I gave the rest of my salad and mom’s salad to a begging girl and her baby.

Vegetable Amok Curry veggies:

Amok curry vegetables

Vegetable Amok Curry spices:

Amok curry spices

Cooking the curry:

Cooking Vegetarian Amok

All done! Yum 🙂

Vegetarian Amok Curry

Now for the Lok Lok stir fry:

Lok Lok vegetables

Lok Lok

And finally the spicy salad:

spicy cabbage salad

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  1. Yes says:

    monday was feb 15th

    i hope you have the recipe to that curry, looks delicious

  2. Grandpa says:

    What a great story and what a wonderful set of photos. Bravo!!!

  3. Ariel says:

    That vegetarian amok curry looks sooooooo good.

  4. Amanda says:

    Looks really neat down there. I love how u gave your left over food to someone who needed it

  5. liz says:

    Hey…searching for a vegetarian Khmer Amok recipe and happened across your blog… I spent 2 monthes in Battambang living and doing outreach work in January and february and we ate at the smoking pot and the white rose often! It is so nice to see photos and brings back great memories….we probably crossed paths in Cambodia! Blessings to you and thanks for your great post 🙂 … still in search of a recipe if you have one?

  6. John says:

    Hey, do you have any of the recipes from this place? I stayed in Battambang 2 extra nights just to keep going back here. Now I’m home I’m desperate to get some of those tastes back into my life!



  7. I’ve been there! Funny name… 😉

  8. Steve says:

    Sounds great… I’m travelling there in a few weeks and will give it a go 😉

  9. Jolanda says:

    hi 🙂 would u have the recipe for the spicy salad above it looks delicious! thx!

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