Review: Space Bags

The nice people who make Space Bags sent me some of their Dual-Use Bags for my review. Space Bags are clear plastic bags that you put your clothes in and suck all the air out of to make your clothes take up less space. With the Dual-Use Bags, you can suck the air out with a vacuum hose or just roll the bag up to push out the air.

I moved recently and decided to give the bags a try.

I used one of the large size bags, pictured here when empty:

Dual-Use Space Bag

To compress the size of all of this (about 20 articles of clothing, including a rain shell and fleece jackets):

Dual-Use Space Bag

Into this:

Dual-Use Space Bag

Using the vacuum suction method:

Dual-Use Space Bag

Pretty cool!


  • Lets you fit way more clothes into a carry-on
  • Protects clothes from the elements and bugs
  • Also good for storing clothes you’re not going to wear for a while without taking up a lot of room
  • They’re pretty cheap


  • Makes your clothes super wrinkled


Dual-Use Space Bags are a neat product, and I will definitely continue to use mine. Would I buy them on my own? Yes, now that I’ve given them a try. They’d make a great gift for a budget traveler!

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