Mercado San Pedro and Inti Raymi Cusco

Mercado San Pedro is a large local market were you can buy anything from pig heads to textiles to fruit. We wandered through and bought a couple souvenirs: a flute for 23 soles, earrings for 7 soles, a flag of Peru for 8 soles, and a little llama toy for 8 soles. We spotted a lot of things we will come back for on the return trip when we plan on buying more keepsakes and gifts. Of the three markets we visited today (Centro Artesanal and a market set up just for Inti Raymi were the others) this one had the best prices. Probably because it was the smelliest. Always find the stinky market for the best deals.

Another parade was underway in the Plaza de Armas today, this time with impressive floats.

For Suzy:

After walking through the crowded street to the plaza we got lunch at a place with a balcony to enjoy the view.

When the parade was over there were women in traditional dress wandering around wanting you to hold their lamb and take a photo for a donation. This is an excellent gimmick, of course I want to hold your baby animal!

I met this dog bud last night, he lives in the plaza so I petted him again today. Such a bud.

After my animal fix we walked to Qoricancha, an Inca ruin that the Spaniards built the Iglesia de Santo Domingo atop. This church / ruin has original Inca walls and a museum you can tour for 10 soles. In the first photo, the base of the building with the big square stones that fit together smoothly are Incan. They were known for their impressively tight stonework that can withstand earthquakes.

View of Plazoleta Santo Domingo from the church

Llamas and alpacas in Plazoleta Santo Domingo

A sweet beggar lady

Tomorrow we go to Machu Picchu!!!

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  1. Jess says:

    I am loving all the animals!! <3 The church also looked amazing!!

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