Lima Peru Parque Del Amor

I’m in Peru! I’m here with my mom on a new adventure, esta vez en espanol! We arrived at 6:00am this morning, same time zone as US Central time. The airport was a breeze. We were through immigration and customs in about 5 minutes. We got a Green Taxi from the airport to Miraflores, the more upscale neighborhood of Lima where we are staying. Green Taxi is recommended because it’s a set fare of 20 dollars (PS my number four key isn’t working… I’ll be typing out dollars from here on…) We arrived at our hotel, Mariel Hotel, many hours before check-in, but they let us have free breakfast and stored our bags. After a very good hotel breakfast with fruit, eggs, toast, real coffee and yogurt, we set out to walk to the Pacific Ocean.

Lima is built on a high bluff over the ocean, and the coast line isn’t beachy. It looks like gravel was poured all over what might have been a beach. They appear to be working on making it more appealing. It’s winter here and Lima is covered in high clouds, though it’s still warm.

We walked along the beach and found Parque del Amor, a sweet little part with a huge statue of an amorous couple and lovely mosaic benches with famous Spanish quotes of love and poetry inlaid.

This one is for mi amor 🙂

And this one is for mi perro

After enjoying el mar we wandered back to our hotel but were still too early for check-in. We had lunch at Balabo Cafe, right across the street from Mariel Hotel. A delicious grilled veggie sandwich and a diet coke for 16 nuevo soles (about 5 dollars)!

Finally we checked in and took a two hour nap in the very comfy bed. Check out the next post for what we did later! (It’s about CATS!!!)

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