Diving at Front Porch, Bonaire

Beach - Bonaire

Wild Goats - Bonaire

Diving - Bonaire

Honeycomb Cowfish - Bonaire

French Angelfish - Bonaire

Peacock Flounder - Bonaire

Spotted Moray Eel - Bonaire

Spotted Drum Juvenile - Bonaire

Reef - Bonaire

Sand Divers - Bonaire

French Angelfish - Bonaire

Reef - Bonaire

Banded Butterflyfish - Bonaire

Diving - Bonaire

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  1. Sandeep PATUN says:

    Hello from Sandeep. What there goat on front porch? Why you make a water goat? Speak to you soon Sandeep.

  2. Richard Crest says:

    I love to see underwater creatures, whenever I travel somewhere I always visited beaches in the place and I never forget to have a scuba diving.

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