Ariel is currently home in Oregon, USA.

Ariel is a 23 year old female budget traveler from the rainy state of Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. She likes to visit cheap and culturally rich destinations and beach towns. Usually she adventures with her travel buddy Ryan and they share accommodation and transportation. Ariel is a vegetarian and Ryan is a meat-eater but they both have the same taste in food cost – cheap! Sometimes they eat from the grocery store, sometimes they splurge on a large or “expensive” meal, but usually they opt for cheap and tasty local eats. For fun they like taking pictures, hiking, exploring new towns, swimming, and chilling on the beach or lazing in hammocks. Read on for country specific itineraries, exchange rates, and total trip costs.

Indonesia: Ubud, Bali > Amed, Bali > Sanur, Bali > Padang Bai, Bali > Gili Air, Lombok > Ubud, Bali
Ariel and Ryan were in Indonesia for 30 days in June 2009. The exchange rate was 10,166 Rupiah to 1 US Dollar. Her total trip cost (including airfare, accommodation, transportation, food, gifts/souvenirs, and tattoos) was about $1,800. Average daily cost (minus airfare, souvenirs and tattoos) was $21 per day.

Costa Rica: San Jose > Puerto Viejo de Talamanca > Manzanillo > Puerto Viejo de Talamanca > Alajuela
Ariel and Ryan were in Costa Rica for 18 days in January 2010. The exchange rate was 560 Colones to 1 US Dollar. Her total trip cost (including airfare, accommodation, surfing, transportation and food) was $1,170. Average daily cost (minus airfare) was $37 per day.

Cambodia: Phnom Penh > Battambang > Siem Reap & Angkor Wat >Kampong Cham > Kampot > Sihanoukville > Phnom Penh
Ariel was in Cambodia for 28 days in February and March 2010. She and her mom were on an Intrepid Travel tour for the first part of the trip, then mom went home and Ariel was on her own for the last 10 days. The exchange rate was 4000 Riel to 1 US Dollar. Total airfare was $1310 (should have been cheaper, don’t ever buy a one way ticket!!). The 15 day Intrepid tour was $1180. Grand total trip cost was $3390. Average daily cost of the last 10 days of the trip (minus shopping and transportation for purposes of shopping) was about $20 per day.

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
Ariel was in Malaysia for 4 days in March 2010. The exchange rate was 3.31 Malaysian Ringgit to 1 US Dollar. Her total trip cost (including accommodation, transportation, food, and shopping, but not including airfare – that’s part of the Cambodia cost) was $150. Average daily cost (minus shopping) was $18 per day.

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